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China Salt Changzhou Holds A Conference Of Scientific And Technological Workers

On the afternoon of February 20, 2021, China Salt Changzhou held a conference of scientific and technological workers at Xindong Company. China Salt Changzhou Party Secretary and General Manager Dong Liang, Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee Wan Xiuchun, Deputy General Managers Tao Wenping, Gu Liujie, Xu Jiahong, Union Chairman and Assistant General Manager Liu Borong, Xindong Company General Manager Tan Shikai and Hong Sifang Experts and all staff of the technical center attended the meeting. Deputy General Manager Tao Wenping presided over the meeting. After listening carefully to the speeches of the Technology Center, Red Square experts and relevant leaders of the company, Dong Liang, secretary of the company’s party committee and general manager, pointed out that the holding of the conference of scientific and technological workers fully reflects the company's attention and attention to scientific and technological work and scientific and technical personnel. Most of the comrades in the technology center are young people who need a process to grow up. They must learn more from the old comrades, and they must have ideals and responsibilities. He also affirmed and placed high hopes on the past and future work of the Technology Center. Dong Liang pointed out that the scientific and technological work of China Salt Changzhou should adapt to the development of the times, strive for independent innovation and independent research and development, and continuously enhance the company's core competitiveness; through the digestion and absorption of imported technology, improve technical measures, so as to achieve quality improvement and consumption reduction. Purpose: To actively integrate production, learning, and research with universities and scientific research units to carry out scientific and technological innovation. Dong Liang put forward three earnest hopes to the technology center: one is to strengthen service awareness and provide technical support for production technology and market services; second, to be a representative of advanced productivity, apply knowledge to actual work, and improve production efficiency; third, To achieve mutual achievement, the enterprise provides a platform for the technical personnel to display their talents, and the technical personnel contribute their wisdom and talents to the development of the enterprise to achieve common development and mutual achievement. Dong Liang emphasized that 2021 is the "first year" of China Salt's normalization and high-quality development. Reform, innovation and development should be the fundamental driving force. The polylactic acid project, the fine chlorine product project, and the electronic grade hydrogen peroxide project all look forward to the full participation of scientific and technological workers. , Work together, bring together innovation, win production time, earn early returns, and promote the early realization of China Salt's vision of "Excellent Chemical Enterprise + Happy Normalization".