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"I want safety"--Strengthen Management by Focusing on Details

In the ongoing process of promoting the standardization of team safety, the precision factory is starting from the details, filling in the gaps, not overlooking any loopholes, and not missing any blind spots. It is strengthening the sense of responsibility and strictly adhering to safety standards, making "I want safety" a conscious action. Finger-mouth dual confirmation, standard operation ensures safety. When adjusting the valve, the on-site operator verbally confirms while the DCS control personnel verify the valve number before operation, further ingraining standardized operations, eliminating risks at the micro-level, and addressing hidden dangers invisibly, thereby avoiding accidents due to insufficient two-way communication. Through standard operation cards and the oral and experiential teaching of senior employees, new employees are helped to develop good operating habits, reducing the risk of operating errors such as bad practices. Visible management clarifies responsibilities, and information means promote improvement. The key to visual management is to root the elements of visual management on the ground, make reasonable plans for the area, make everything clear at a glance, and facilitate the rapid adoption of corresponding measures at critical moments. Developing good safety habits and a sense of ownership, ingraining standardized operations in the minds of every employee, thus solidifying the foundation of safety production management, effectively preventing, resolving, and controlling various risks. Strengthening skills through post training, emergency response turns risks into manageable situations. Through regular post training and on-site firefighting parameterized assessments, employees truly integrate theory with practice. The precision factory treats every post training as the last opportunity, practicing as if it were wartime, treating wartime as if it were peacetime, making safety production a conscious action for every employee.



Delegations from DCM Shriram Idustries And Daga Global Chemicals Visited our Xindong Production Base

On April 17, Mr. Yagnik, Chief Operating Officer of DCM SHRIRAM INDUSTRIES LIMITED, and Mr. Manish Khanna, Head of Procurement, along with Mr. Satyen Daga, General Manager of Daga Global Chemicals Pvt Ltd, and Sandy Chen, Manager of Daga Global Chemicals' China representative office, visited Xindong Chemical. They were received by Mr. Xu Jiahong, General Manager, Mr. Guo Aibing, Minister of International Trade, and Mr. Mao Xudong, Director of the Chlorotoluene Workshop at the Organic Division. During the meeting, both parties had in-depth discussions on their respective companies' basic situations, global pesticide and pharmaceutical market trends, production dynamics, and the upstream and downstream demand in the chlorotoluene industry. They expressed their willingness to further deepen cooperation. Subsequently, Mr. Yagnik and his delegation visited the chlorotoluene production plant and laboratory, giving high praise to Xindong's production scale, on-site management, and working environment. DCM SHRIRAM INDUSTRIES LIMITED, with a history of 128 years, is one of India's largest sugar and alcohol production enterprises. It mainly operates in sugar, alcohol, chemicals, protective equipment, and synthetic cotton yarn. The company entered the chemical industry in 1970, with chemical products now accounting for about 40% of its group's output value. It is an important customer of our company's para-chlorotoluene in India. This exchange further consolidates the cooperation between the two sides, reflecting their common vision and cooperation potential in the chemical industry.



Industrial Use of Benzyl Chloride

Benzyl chloride (C₇H₇Cl) is an organic compound with the chemical formula C₇H₇Cl. It is a colorless to light yellow liquid with a strong, unpleasant odor. Benzyl chloride finds various industrial uses, primarily in the synthesis of other chemicals. Some of its key industrial applications include: Chemical Intermediates: Benzyl chloride serves as a versatile intermediate in the production of several chemicals. It is used in the synthesis of benzyl esters, benzylamines, and benzyl ethers, which are important building blocks for various organic compounds. Pharmaceuticals: Benzyl chloride is employed in the pharmaceutical industry for the synthesis of pharmaceutical products. It is used as a reagent in the production of certain drugs and pharmaceutical intermediates. Perfumery and Flavoring Compounds: Benzyl chloride is used in the production of perfumes and flavoring compounds. It can be a starting material for the synthesis of benzyl acetate, which has a pleasant odor and is used in perfumery. Agrochemicals: The compound is utilized in the synthesis of agrochemicals, including pesticides and herbicides. It may be used as a building block in the production of specific active ingredients in agricultural chemicals. Dyes and Dyestuff Intermediates: Benzyl chloride is employed in the dye industry for the production of certain dyestuff intermediates. It can be part of the synthesis process for dyes used in textiles and other applications. Photographic Chemicals: In the field of photography, benzyl chloride has been used in the synthesis of certain photographic chemicals. However, with advancements in technology, some traditional uses of benzyl chloride in this industry have diminished. Surface-Active Agents: Benzyl chloride is involved in the production of surface-active agents and quaternary ammonium compounds. These compounds find applications in various industries, including detergents and fabric softeners. It's important to note that benzyl chloride is a hazardous material, and its use requires careful handling and adherence to safety protocols due to its toxic and irritating nature. Additionally, some applications may evolve over time as industries develop new synthetic routes and methods.



Safety Production Inspection

  In the afternoon of March 28, safety production supervision group of Changzhou government carried out a safety production inspection in China Salt Changzhou Chemical. Vice General Manager Qian Suyue, Safety Director Wang Chunhua of China Salt Changzhou Chemical accompanied the inspection.   The supervision group first conducted on-site inspection of the company's hydrogen peroxide production plant area and liquid chlorine production plant area and other key production plant areas, and then checked the process control of each device in the dispatching center. After listening to the company's current safety work report and the implementation of relevant management measures, the safety production work of China Salt Changzhou Chemical normalization was affirmed. At the same time, the company is required to strengthen the safety management in the process of project construction and subsequent equipment removal, and implement the safety integrated management of the behavior of external construction personnel, to ensure that the company's safety production situation is stable and controllable.   Company leaders expressed their sincere thanks to the opinions and suggestions of the supervision group, and said that they would further summarize the experience of special rectification of production safety, compress the responsibility, make full use of the company's "Internet + performance" platform to effectively perform the duties of production safety, the work of production safety to do fine and practical, to ensure the high-quality development of the company.



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