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Company News About The 5th "Friendship Cup" Basketball Tournament
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The 5th "Friendship Cup" Basketball Tournament

Latest company news about The 5th

To fully demonstrate the unity, endeavor, and vibrant spirit of enterprise employees, and to further promote nationwide fitness activities, uphold the spirit of "higher, faster, stronger" in sports, and actively build a healthy, civilized, and upward worker culture, the 5th "Friendship Cup" basketball tournament of Changzhou Xindong officially opened on May 15th.

Over the course of three days, the athletes maintained a positive attitude, giving their all alongside their teammates. They actively positioned themselves on the court, demonstrating exquisite passing, beautiful coordination, and spectacular layups. With their efforts and sweat, they brought forth a series of exciting and colorful matches. After intense competition, the Organic Team won the championship, the Chlor-Alkali Team secured second place, and the Fine Chemicals Team took third place. Zhang Weihao from the Organic Team was awarded the title of "MVP Player".