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Company News About China's top 100 fine chemicals
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China's top 100 fine chemicals

Latest company news about China's top 100 fine chemicals

A few days ago, the 2021 fine chemical industry summit and China Fine Chemical Industry Top 100 conference was held online by the national fine chemical raw materials and intermediates industry cooperation group, China Chemical Industry Information Association and China Chemical Industry Information Center. The conference released the“2021 China's top 100 fine chemicals” list, and Zhongyan Changzhou Chemical Co. , Ltd. (abbreviated as ZhongyanChanghua) was named China's top 100 fine chemicals. In recent years, the company has been continuously upgrading its production facilities with modern and advanced technologies to promote energy saving, reduce consumption and emission reduction, improve product quality, and reduce potential safety hazards. At the same time, it has deepened the cooperation among industry, universities and research institutes, introduced high-quality talents and technologies, and enhanced its innovation capability, promote the high quality development of the company.The journey is far, but one by one step must reach the end. The task is difficult, but insist on doing it will be successful As one of the top 100 fine chemical companies in China, ZhongyanChanghua will learn from the advanced experience of other top 100 companies, based on its own characteristics, highlight its superior products, broaden its market channels, and make the company stronger, better and better, continuously drive and lead the development of fine chemical industry.