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Company News About China's Top 500 Enterprises in Philanthropy in 2022
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China's Top 500 Enterprises in Philanthropy in 2022

Latest company news about China's Top 500 Enterprises in Philanthropy in 2022

The list of China's Top 500 Corporate philanthropies 2022 was released during the launch of the 6th China Corporate Philanthropy Forum in Fuling District, Chongqing. China Salt Group won the award of "China's Top 500 Enterprises in Philanthropy in 2022".

In 2022, China Salt Group insists on value creation in serving people's livelihood and national strategic needs, and gives full play to the role of central enterprises as "ballast stones". In the past year, China Salt Group actively and effectively dealt with the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, and comprehensively ensured the supply and quality of salt and other livelihood materials. And has been deeply involved in the "Healthy China" campaign, releasing the Chinese salt brand "Low Sodium Salt" and carrying out the "Healthy salt Exchange" campaign to meet people's needs for healthy salt use. We implemented the rural revitalization strategy, continued to provide targeted assistance to Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Tibet and Qinghai, and fully supported earthquake relief in Ganze, Sichuan, demonstrating the responsibility of central enterprises. Actively participate in the research and formulation of enterprise ESG series standards, join the central enterprise ESG alliance, practice ESG concept with practical actions, and firmly fulfill corporate social responsibility. China Salt Group gives full play to its initiative, highlights its industrial characteristics, and constantly improves the quality and increase of charity, making new and greater contributions to promoting the high-quality innovative development of charity and public welfare undertakings in China and accelerating the realization of the Chinese-style modernization of common prosperity for all people.