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Company News About Compliance with laws and regulations in fulfilling environmental protection responsibilities
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Compliance with laws and regulations in fulfilling environmental protection responsibilities

Latest company news about Compliance with laws and regulations in fulfilling environmental protection responsibilities

In recent years, as the country’s economic development mode has changed, national policies and laws have been formulated and promulgated, administrative and judicial agencies have continuously increased their enforcement of pollution and damage to the ecological environment, whether it is a state-owned enterprise, private enterprise or foreign capital. Enterprises and other types of enterprises have all been included in the environmental protection law enforcement targets. As an advanced member among central enterprises and a manufacturer of basic chemicals, China Salt Changzhou chemical Co.,Ltd.’s environmental protection work has an important impact on the corporate image, social status and ecological environment. The company has adopted more and more environmental compliance management measures, and got more and more attention from local governments. In order to better fulfill social responsibilities and help the stable development of corporate production and operation activities, I personally believe that corporate environmental compliance management should be further strengthened in the aspects as follows:

1. Establish specific standards and guidelines for corporate environmental compliance management

Corporate environmental compliance management standards include but are not limited to "Environmental Management System" (ISO 14001:2015), "General Guidelines for Environment, Health and Safety" and "Guidelines for Compliance Management of Central Enterprises (Trial)", etc. Among them, the “Guidelines for Central Enterprises” are launched by SASAC for central enterprises, with purpose of effectively preventing and controlling compliance risks , targeting enterprises and employees’ operation and management behaviors, including organized and planned management activities such as system formulation, risk identification, compliance review, risk response, accountability, assessment and compliance training. Only when we strictly take the environmental management system documents as the benchmark for environmental protection work, take the "Guidelines for Central Enterprises" as the code of conduct, and carry out work without compromise, can we form and open an environmental management pattern with unified plans and actions, and actions consistent with standards.

2. Effectively do a good job in the main tasks involved in environmental protection compliance management

For the construction projects in the enterprise planning, the "three simultaneous" system and the pollution discharge permit system should be strictly implemented in accordance with the relevant industry access or restrictive conditions. After the completion of the project, the protection facilities for waste water, waste gas, waste residue and other pollutants should be established in accordance with the law, and dedicated personnel should be assigned to maintain and ensure the sustainable and normal use and function. Manage the types of pollutants, wastewater treatment technology, operation and maintenance, discharge, whereabouts and monitoring of enterprise industrial wastewater and domestic wastewater. Manage all kinds of waste gas and dust in the enterprise from the treatment process, emission and monitoring process and end control. By identifying the types of corporate waste, we can distinguish general solid waste and hazardous waste, and take full life cycle management in accordance with standards in the entire process from collection, classification, recycling, storage, transportation to utilization or non-hazardous treatment.

3. Timely update and improve the environmental risk analysis and compliance system

We should re-identify, analyze and evaluate the types of environmental risks in response to changes and the company's development, and at the same time formulate different response methods according to the level of environmental risks. It should be noted that, like the operation of other compliance systems, the normal operation and effectiveness of the environmental compliance system requires the collaboration of various departments of the enterprise, and regular maintenance and updates as needed, otherwise it may not be updated in the compliance system in time due to new conditions so compliance risks arise in related work.

From a long-term perspective, the development of environmental compliance management by enterprises is the only way to effectively deal with the increasingly severe forms of environmental protection. From a realistic point of view, no company should have any fluke when the party and the country have clearly decided to "implement the most stringent ecological and environmental protection system." We should start now and be in awe of environmental compliance management. We will implement compliance throughout the entire work process, and earnestly implement the main responsibility for environmental protection of enterprises and individuals.