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Company News About Safety Production Inspection
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Safety Production Inspection

Latest company news about Safety Production Inspection


In the afternoon of March 28, safety production supervision group of Changzhou government carried out a safety production inspection in China Salt Changzhou Chemical. Vice General Manager Qian Suyue, Safety Director Wang Chunhua of China Salt Changzhou Chemical accompanied the inspection.


The supervision group first conducted on-site inspection of the company's hydrogen peroxide production plant area and liquid chlorine production plant area and other key production plant areas, and then checked the process control of each device in the dispatching center. After listening to the company's current safety work report and the implementation of relevant management measures, the safety production work of China Salt Changzhou Chemical normalization was affirmed. At the same time, the company is required to strengthen the safety management in the process of project construction and subsequent equipment removal, and implement the safety integrated management of the behavior of external construction personnel, to ensure that the company's safety production situation is stable and controllable.


Company leaders expressed their sincere thanks to the opinions and suggestions of the supervision group, and said that they would further summarize the experience of special rectification of production safety, compress the responsibility, make full use of the company's "Internet + performance" platform to effectively perform the duties of production safety, the work of production safety to do fine and practical, to ensure the high-quality development of the company.